Variety Types of Saw


People hold different views about hand saw in woodworking procedure. Some assert that all the kind of handsaw is just an illusion of the old time without the usefulness while others claim that carpenter should use some handsaw instead of chainsaw or circular saw for the project and cutting the wood. In my opinion, all the kind of saw, by hand or automatic is trustworthy and usable in working depended on your tasks. Initially, I will introduce to you each type of saw itself then I will raise my idea of the use of them in a particular situation.

Hand saw

First of all, let us come to the hand saw as the old school model of the saw in the first place. A hand saw is a tool that has a start from the ancient of woodworking, so the problem of it is you have to do it by your hand, without the acceleration of the machine. Gradually, the hand saw had been improved to be used by two in a mean of time. Fascinatedly, not only the new upgrade is overwhelming in use because of its inconvenient, but it is also dull in its design and plot for working in term of bulkiness and inflexible. Lately, the term handsaw is used as a tool great in a small workshop of woodworking for its portable model and extremely sharp, which is useful in cutting thin wood plate and lightweight wood material.


In the name of revolution, the chainsaw has done a great job on reducing the amount of time need to spend on woodworking and lumber. Over time, chainsaw proves itself to be indispensable for the lumber in their task of cutting tree within the limit of time in the jungle. Thus, although the stand of handsaw is unreplaceable, there is a lot of people loving the fact that chainsaw is way too convenient in woodworking, either in sculpting. Without the prepared technique, it is tremendously hard to get the right use of a handsaw. Meanwhile, a chainsaw only needs some practice to be mastered by anyone strong enough to hold that beast in their hand without dropping it.

Circular Saw

At first, a circular saw is a dangerous tool if you intend to use it without some kinds of protective gear. No sooner as the circular saw was established in public, it is becoming a trend on the world of carpenters by its credible running process. Lately, it is no doubt that circular saw play an essential role in term of killing heavy tasks such as sawing multiple logs of wood in a second. If you give your glance on the circular saw, it will show the reason why can it be so perfect for sawing as this. Firstly, the circular saw is massive, and concrete, which means you can do the work with it without worrying about the mass of the wood could destroy the tool into garbage metal. The next is the blade of the saw. Just imagine the power and G force it could produce on a small amount of surface area of the log, it will easily murder the job in a blink of eyes.

Which one is better?

For all the reason, you guys can probably decide on your own which tool is the winner in this tournament. The handsaw is hugely the right choice for the project within a small area, or the task does not need the powerful and heavy machine. In contrast, the chainsaw is also portable, but it is way too big, meaning the lack of accuracy. Moreover, the noise is one element that needs to be considered when using the chainsaw; it is definitely cannot be put up with by the people who did not apply the job to be familiar with it. Finally is the circular saw. Robust, sturdy, and conversable is not enough when mentioning about this tool. However, it is way too harmful and hard to be used, so prepare yourself with extensive knowledge before working with a circular saw.


Overall, the handsaw is unnecessary in woodworking or not is on the debate, I believe that, to a certain extent, all the kind of tool are on their purposes.